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PUR foam spray heat insulation of lofts and attics.

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The polyurethane (PUR) foam is the only suitable and most effective way to insulate all kinds of buildings, roofs, attics and lofts.

Heat insulation and waterproofing of the buildings using the polyurethane foam spraying has been developed with a view to increasing the economic benefits and environmental protection.

High efficiency of heat insulation, low heat transfer coefficient, tightness, no welds and no thermal bridges, all make the PUR foam insulation the most efficient heat insulation solution.

The polyurethane foam applied by spraying is extremely lightweight. It can be used for heat insulation of the roof, attics, lofts or basements.

Waterproofing properties allow for the insulation of concrete swimming pools or foundations. The polyurethane foam can also be used as soundproofing (acoustic insulation).

The polyurethane foam spray method is extremely fast, demonstrates excellent adhesion to the structure. It can be used on inclined or even horizontal planes of the lofts without further need to use additional fasteners, and it will not sag or run. Attic insulation requires no special preparation. The foam can be sprayed directly onto the membrane. Using the polyurethane foam to insulate the attic will also secure the wooden structure, since the foam provides protection against mould and fungi.
In addition to warming attics and lofts, the open cell foam can be used for warming piggeries, aviaries, fruit ripening rooms and other applications.
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The closed-cell foam – because of its waterproofing properties – can be used for insulation of the foundations, floors, swimming pools, external walls, etc.
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Polyurea – due to its waterproofing and anti-corrosive properties – can replace traditional materials and solutions; it allows you to build more durable structures, resistant to adverse weather conditions. It can be used to isolate the top layer of flat roofs, industrial floors or swimming pools. The top layer of technical and industrial walls, tanks, steel structure coating.
Please check other possible uses of the polyurea. 
We render our open-cell foam and closed-cell spraying services using only proven and certified materials. Instructions, test reports, utility properties, certificates, technical data sheets and other documentation can be downloaded at documents.
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