The polyurethane foam (PUR) applied by spraying – for heat insulation, soundproofing (acoustic insulation), waterproofing and corrosion protection – technology, properties and cost-effectiveness.

What is unique about the PUR? Why invest in the polyurethane foam?

Advantages of the polyurethane foam applied by spraying:

  • Lightweight, without burdening the roof structure (it stiffens and in some cases strengthens it).
  • Elimination of thermal bridges through the weldless coating.
  • Physical properties do not change over time (a guarantee backed up by 25 years of tests).
  • Elimination of condensation on surfaces when spraying inside the buildings (thus no membranes are required) – an invaluable phenomenon, because it does not dry the air inside the rooms, which is particularly important for people suffering from allergies but also, e.g. in fruit ripening rooms.
  • Protection of metal structures against corrosion and wood against fungi.
  • Easy to clean and disinfect, e.g. ceilings in piggeries or henhouses.
  • The monolithic structure does not cause micro dust, as in the case of wool (anti-allergenic).
  • Gas-tightness obtained from as little as 4 cm, which allows you to control the atmosphere in the fruit and vegetable refrigeration plants.
  • Excellent adhesion to the sprayed surface.
  • Quick implementation of insulation (even within one day).
  • No moisture absorption.
  • Environmentally friendly, certified by the Polish National Institute of Hygiene, which allows for use in food processing plants.
  • Self-extinguishing and flame retardant.
  • Due to its high thermal resistance, it is possible to create a thinner layer (approximately half the thickness of the mineral wool) that retains excellent insulating properties. This is particularly important when you do not want to lower the attic and want to make full use of its original height.
  • No strong odour when sprayed and odourless during use of the building.
  • Retains heat in the building while maintaining breathability.
  • Excellent soundproofing (the product is used in recording studios, home theatres, medical practicioners’ offices, lecture halls).
  • It can insulate even the hardest to reach areas.
  • In contrast to wool, it always perfectly adheres, without sagging or running; it will not lose its elastic properties under the influence of moisture.
  • Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, resistant to damage caused by wild animals, like marten.
  • Resistance to temperatures ranging from -60°C to 120°C.
  • The best value in terms of the total price of the system to the highest quality of the service rendered.
  • No potential risk of animal nesting (mice, rats, weasels, martens), as in the case of mineral wool.

A graph illustrating the thermal resistance of different heat insulating materials.

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The PUR foam is the only suitable and most effective way to insulate all kinds of buildings. Thermal insulation and waterproofing of the buildings using the polyurethane foam spray method has been developed with a view to increasing economic benefits and environmental protection.

Highly effective insulation – low heat transfer coefficient, tightness, no welds and no thermal bridges, all make the PUR foam insulation the most efficient thermal insulation solution. Easy and fast application – a high-performance spray unit allows you to insulate up to 300 m2 a day. It does not require removing the old coating. No additional fasteners, flashings, it requires no special preparation of the protected area. Only in the case of the external insulation, it must be protected against UV radiation by using special polyurea coatings. Thus it no longer needs protection in the form of tar, paper or metal.


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Polyurea Systems

It is a pure polyurea elastomer formed by the reaction of an isocyanate prepolymer with the amine blend. This coating may be applied to polyurethane foam sprayed surfaces, concrete, metal or wood. Our product offers excellent mechanical properties to the finished coating. The PUREX AM allows you to create fast curing and seamless coatings.

Due to its waterproofing and anti-corrosion properties, the PUREX AM can replace traditional materials and solutions. The use of the PUREX AM allows you to build more durable structures, which are resistant to adverse physical conditions; it eliminates the need for additional corrosion protection; it also saves time, which directly translates into reduced costs of the investment. Thanks to the spray technology, when the polyurea is applied directly onto the desired element, such as a concrete or steel structure, it can be put into operation again almost immediately after the coating has been applied, which prevents the generation of high costs and shutting down the entire facility. Easy and fast application of the PUREX AM using the spray unit allows you to create the coating in hard-to-reach places, where the surface must be protected against water and where good mechanical properties of the finished waterproofing are required.